Publisher: Central Europe Energy Partners

Year: 2018

A Policy paper on cross-border energy cooperation in Central Europe was published at the Central European Day of Energy (CEDE) organized in Brussels on 5 November 2018. Central European Day of Energy (CEDE) is an annual event organized by the Central Europe Energy Partners (CEEP) from Brussels in cooperation with the DG Energy of the European Commission.

Institute for Development and International Relations  (IRMO) participated in preparation of this Policy paper in cooperation with other partners involved in the organization of the CEDE – Masaryk University from the Czech Republic, REKK from Hungary, Vytautas Magnus University from Lithuania, Sobieski Institute from Poland, Romanian Energy Center, Slovak Foreign Policy Association, and Center for the Study of Democracy from Bulgria.

The conclusions of the Policy Paper indicate that the Central European countries have achieved significant results in the field of cross-border energy cooperation, both in gas and electricity sectors. These results were achieved due to the progress is the increasing infrastructural interconnectivity and integration of the markets.  Due to the liberalization processes and legal system in place, cross-border trade is growing dynamically in the region of Central Europe.

Croatia made a significant progress in cross-border energy cooperation with neighboring counties, primarily Hungary and Slovenia, and is developing six projects on the lists of Projects of Common Interest (PCI) of the European Commission, including the LNG terminal on Krk island.

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