Author of the chapter: Nevenka Čučković

Vol. 9 No. 2, December 2023


The Institute of Internationa Relations and Development – IRMO
The Institute of Economics Sarajevo
The University of Montenegro, Faculty of Economics, Podgorica
The Institute of Economics – Skopje University “SS. Cyril and Methodius”
Institute for Economic Research, Ljubljana
Institute of Economics Sciences, Belgrade

2015 is the first year of online publication.

ISSN 1849-8817
ISSN 1849-8884 (Online)

The new issue of SEE-6 Economic Outlook (Vol. 9, No. 2, December 2023) brings an overview of the recent performance of the Croatian economy as well as the medium-term outlook of economic growth for 2024-2026, prepared by Dr Nevenka Čučković from IRMO.

Economic growth in Croatia has been rather robust despite further moderation in 2023, especially if compared with the other Eurozone Member States. Based on the solid economic results achieved in the year’s first three quarters, the Croatian Government now projects the GDP growth rate at 2.8% for 2023. The international organisations and economic analysts anticipate the 2023 economic growth rate in the range of 2.6 – 2.7%. The government expects that the growth will continue at similar rates in 2024-2026, and that opinion is also shared by international economic analysts. Again, these rates are much stronger than the average rate of 1.1% envisaged for the Eurozone members in the same period due to the potential increase of recessionary implications. Positive growth assumptions are attributed to the further weakening of inflation’s impact on the economy, and increased domestic demand on the wings of investments led by EU funding as well as by further solid growth of private and public consumption.

SEE-6 Economic Outlook is a biannual publication in English published by members of the SEEA association since 2015. The publication provides an overview of economic trends and short and medium-term forecasts for six countries in Southeast Europe. It is published by the Institute of Economic Sciences, Belgrade in cooperation with partner institutions from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Slovenia, including IRMO, Zagreb.

The text of the publication is available in open access at the following link:

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