digitalna transformacija

Authors: Hrvoje Butković and Višnja Samardžija

Publisher: Institute for Development and International Relations – IRMO

Year: 2019

The Institute for Development and International Relations – IRMO has published the bilingual (English and Croatian) book written by Hrvoje Butković and Višnja Samardžija entitled The Digital Transformation of the Labour Market in Croatia. This publication is result of research activities carried out in Croatia within project ‘Adaptation of Industrial Relations towards New Forms of Work’ supported by the European Commission (vs/2018/0039). The goal of this project implemented since February 2018 is to improve knowledge about the impacts of new forms of work and digitalization of the economy on industrial relations in five new EU member states (Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Poland, Romania) and one candidate country (North Macedonia). Publication is based on findings of empirical research on the representative sample of examinees which brings forward the standpoints about Croatian labour market, new forms of work and impacts of digitalization on work and employment. The empirical base of this study also includes results of interviews and focus groups with the social partners, employers in the ICT sector and experts in the field of working relations. The study explains newly created relations on the labour market, positions of numerous actors and brings forward recommendations for the authorities and other stakeholders.

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