Croatian Military Academy, Ilica 256b, Zagreb

14th– 16th June 2015

We are glad to invite all interested participants to the conference “Croatia and Contemporary Security Environment – Threats, Challenges and Responses”, organized by the Institute for Development and International Relations (IRMO) and the Centre for Defence and Strategic Studies (CzOSS) Croatian Military Academy, sponsored by the NATO’s Public Diplomacy Division.

The conference is aimed at improving the quality of discussion in Croatia about the contemporary security environment and the role of Croatia within it, strengthening the existing transatlantic values ​​and their channelling towards the countries that aspire to eventual membership in the alliance.

The conference aims at discussing current security threats that challenge the transatlantic community – conflict in Ukraine (with repercussions on relations with Russia), and the emergence of ISIS as a serious security threat to the transatlantic area. The concept of the conference, the selected topics, participants and speakers have been designed in order to obtain conclusions of specific importance for the formulation of relevant policies. The most important contribution of the conference consists of opening of the central theme for wider Croatian but also international community. To this end will be issued a special edition of Croatian International Relation Review which will include all presentations from the conference.

The conference will be officially opened by the President of the Republic of Croatia, Ms Kolinda Grabar Kitarovic.

We kindly ask all of those who are interested to contact col Marin Vrkic (Croatian Military Academy) for registration at or 01/3784 411. no later than Thursday 11th June 2015.

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