Jakša Puljiz, PhD participated at the meeting of the Island Council held on the 3rd of November, 2023 in Zadar, during which he presented the results of an expert study that IRMO prepared for the Ministry of Regional Development and EU funds. As part of the study, a database with 148 island development indicators classified into six groups was created, a methodology was developed for evaluating the development of islands as geographical units, and a proposal was made for classifying islands into development groups. The results of the study will serve the Ministry for further elaboration of the island development policy in the Republic of Croatia. The study has been prepared by Jakša Puljiz, PhD, Ivana Biondić, Sanja Tišma, PhD and Sanja Maleković, PhD from IRMO and prof. Josip Faričić, PhD and Prof. Anica Čuka, PhD from the Department of Geography of the University of Zadar.

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