IRMO researchers Paško Bilić, Jaka Primorac and Ana Žuvela participated at the 9th  National Congress of the Croatian Sociological Association that was held from May 18-20, 2023, in co-organization of the Faculty of Philosophy and Institute for Social Research ‘Ivo Pilar’, at the Arts Academy of the University of Split. Our researchers participated in several panels and in one round table: Paško Bilić participated in the panel ‘Media literacy as a factor of social inequalities in Croatia’ with the presentation ‘Being media literate in Croatia: characteristics and selected dimensions of media literacy’ written in co-authorship with Marija Brajdić Vuković from the Institute for Social Research in Zagreb. Dr Bilić also participated in the round table titled ‘Problematizing inequality and sociological theory in Croatia today – current state and future perspectives’. Jaka Primorac participated in the panel ‘Civil society and social integration’ with the paper entitled ‘Civil society organisations: narrowing the field of activity and resilience based on precarity’, co-authored with Valerija Barada and Karin Doolan from the University of Zadar and Jelena Puđak from the Institute of Social Sciences ‘Ivo Pilar’. Ana Žuvela participated in the panel ‘Inequalities in culture: Cultural centres and new social actors in culture’ with the paper ‘Conditioning and perspectives of cultural centres as spaces of sociality: a case study of cultural centres’, co-authored with Željka Tonković from the University of Zadar.

As part of the congress, the Electoral Assembly of the Croatian Sociological Association was held, where Paško Bilić and Jaka Primorac completed their mandates in the HSD Presidency (Paško Bilić as a member of the Presidency, Jaka Primorac as the vice-president of the Association), while Paško Bilić was elected as a member of the Court of Honor of the Society.

The program and book of abstracts from the Congress are available at the following link: (in Croatian only).

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