The 2nd World Congress “Advanced Chemistry” held from 14 to 15 June 2021 in Belin, Germany brought together scientists and experts from around the world who presented their latest research in the fields of Chemical Engineering, Analytical Chemistry, Biochemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Medical Chemistry, Nanomaterials, Agricultural Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Food Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Polymer Chemicals and Technologies, Recycling and Waste Management, etc. Karmen Margeta, PhD gave a lecture (virtual presentation) entitled “How to stop climate change”, which presented the innovative technology “Seawater Steam Engine” based on three natural sources (seawater, renewable energy, and gravity), and which technology can stop climate change. In addition to the presentation of new technology, a critical review of the shortcomings of the Paris Agreement was presented, and new solutions were offered.

With Karmen Margeta, PhD and Anamarija Farkaš, PhD(IRMO, Croatia), the authors of this presentation were also Prof. Nataša Zabukovec Logar (National Institute of Chemistry, Ljubljana, Slovenia) and retired Prof. Zvonimir Glasnović(FCET, University of Zagreb, Croatia).

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