On November 25th 2022 the Hanns Seidel Foundation and IRMO hosted a hybrid event: “Artificial Intelligence and Security Governance in Contemporary International Affairs: Information Societies, Decision-Making and Security”. The event will take place at Hotel Amadria Park Capital, Jurišićeva 22, Zagreb and online.

An interesting debate focused on the following questions:

  • Can Artificial Intelligence (AI) influence the geopolitical positioning of member states and of the EU itself?
  • What is the EU’s perspective on AI, cyber security and/or defence?
  • Is it possible to regulate the influence of AI? Where is the line between the information necessary for learning and the excessive usage of information which could lead to security and democratic threats?
  • How can AI be governed in the public sector so that it can simultaneously provide efficient public services and enable the protection of individuals?

The conference gathered experts from politics, diplomacy, state administration, think-tank and academia to understand how artificial intelligence affects contemporary information societies, decision-making and security.



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