Zagreb: IRMO

A roundtable for women entrepreneurs in forestry and wood sector was organized in IRMO on Thursday, June 16th 2016. Twenty successful business women from all over Croatia took part in a discussion about the state of entrepreneurship in Croatia, realizing one of the activities of the project “Promotion of entrepreneurship and crafts in forestry and wood sector.

A short film about the experience of three business women was played during the event. The film was also made in the framework of the project implementation, and it shows the stories of the owner of Šantek sawmill –MaricaŠantek, the owner of Pana Ltd. –NikolinaBabić and the owner of Fitoekologija Ltd. –Marina Popijač. Following the film, the three business women shared their experience about starting a company, which was positively responded by other participating entrepreneurs. Except the mentioned entrepreneurs, many others business women attended the roundtable, including the owner of Čiček Ltd. –Mira Čiček, the owner of Hodi Ltd. –SuzanaTrninić, and the owner of S2 Ltd. –Suzy JosipovićRedžepagić.

High taxes and contributions for employee’s salary, complicated state bureaucracy and lack of entrepreneurship culture of the younger generation were mentioned as ones of the biggest challenges of the development of business sector in Croatia.

The project itself aims to educate licensed contractors in forestry, wood processing companies, private forest owners, women entrepreneurs, students of forestry and wood working high schools and unemployed engineers of forestry and wood technology. Except this event for women entrepreneurs, the project also covers competition of the best business plans for the students of forestry and wood working high schools, and promotion of entrepreneurship, long-life learning and new possibilities for forestry and wood sector campaigns. The project is financed by European social funds and is worth HRK 295.220,84, carried out by IRMO in partnership with the Croatian chamber of engineers of forestry and wood technology. The project lasts from July 2015 to July 2016.

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