Višnja Samardžija and Hrvoje Butković have participated at the round table ‛Dual labour market: Precarious work, the rise of non-standard forms of work’ held in Zagreb on Tuesday, 6th September. The round table was organized by the Independent Union of Research and Higher Education Employees of Croatia. The main findings of the recently published book  ‛Nonstandard work in Croatia: Challenges and perspectives in selected sectors’ were presented at the round table. It was highlighted that the economic crisis has intensified the rise of non-standard employment in Croatia, with the fixed-term work as the most widespread form of non-standard employment. As regards the strategies towards non-standard employment, it was stressed that social partners are just initiating the process of formulating more innovative and long-lasting approaches and that trade union strategies of addressing non-standard work need to amplify the current focus on collective bargaining towards other areas. Upon the presentation, the members of political parties, trade unions and experts in the field of labour relations debated non-standard and precarious work in Croatia.

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