Jean Monnet međusveučilišni centar izvrsnosti, Vladimira Nazora 2, Opatija

Četvrtak, 12. listopada 2017. godine u 10.30

IRMO in cooperation with the European Commission Representation in Croatia. University of Rijeka  and the Jean Monnet Inter-University Centre of Excellence organizes a round table ʻEnergy Union: Opportunities and Challenges for Croatiaʼ.

The round table is part of the activities within project ‘POLO-Cro28 – Policy Observatory in Croatia’, the Jean Monnet support to institutions, financed by the Erasmus+ programm and implemented by IRMO, coordinated by Prof. Visnja Samardzija.

The speakers (details in the programme) will highlight potential impact of the Energy Union on the development within Croatia. The topics will include aspects of the Energy Union related to technological development, decarbonisation, creation of new business opportunities and development of competition, as well as role of various stakeholders, including drivers of energy transition  in creation and implementation of national policies and their impact on society.

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