Jaka Primorac, PhD from the Department for Culture and Communication, IRMO published a chapter in the book ‘Virtual Workers and the Global Labour Market’ edited by Juliet Webster, prof. PhD. and Keith Randle, prof. PhD in the Book Series ‘Dynamics of Virtual Work’ by Palgrave Macmillan, London. Primorac reviews the relationship between virtual work and creative labour in the cultural and creative industries. She outlines how the everyday work of creative cultural workers is entwined in a complex network of online and offline working practices. These practices further blur the boundary between work time and leisure time, to the implosion of the public sphere into the private sphere in the lives of creative workers and towards the (self)-exploitation practices. In this context of rising insecurities and inequalities in cultural and creative industries on a global level, Primorac considers whether virtual work can contribute to the development of new forms of networking and unionisation among creative workers towards more sustainable labour practices.

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