Project duration: 04/2016 – 06/2016

Client: City of Pula

Team leader: Sanja Tišma, PhD

Main aim of the project was promoting rural tourism around the urban area of the City of Pula and providing support to sustainable development strategies, increasing visibility, attractiveness and accessibility of peripheral destinations by better use of natural and cultural heritage and by completing tourist offer and improvement of public interventions and tourism (development) policies in the areas of the region. The IRMO has made up the Action Plan consisting of drafts of territorial relations and stake holders included in the sector envisage by the Action Plan, legal framework within which actions are being planned, financial sources for funding those activities and the explanations and descriptions of interventions planned as well as their reference indicators (ETIS indicators). The Action Plan encompassed results of the SWOT analysis of the whole area of the City of Pula stressing the rural areas (environment, mobility, culture and heritage as well as innovations and professional skills). Future activities have also been suggested for the improvement of tourism, environmental protection, more efficient use of culture and heritage as well as increased engagement of stake holders in tourism through various forms of improvement and use of new communication tools.

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