Project duration: 1/1/2022-31/12/2022

Client: Hanns-Seidel-Stiftung

Project leader: Sandro Knezović, PhD

Contemporary international relations carry numerous challenges and a significant amount of unpredictability. This environment affects not only the states, as the main actors in international arena, but also alliances and communities. One of basic characteristics of contemporary societies, driven by the fast-track information revolution, is a gradual transfer of decision-making procedures and processes into digital realm. This fosters the efficiency and effectiveness of the process, but also raises different security-related questions and reservations. Namely, from every-day jobs to complex decision-making procedures and management of classified and sensitive information, numerous procedures have been shifted into digital.
Apart from that, constructs like algorithms are assuming a very important role in defining main determinants of information flow and their dissemination. Hence, in an increasingly substantial way, they influence data availability, collection and management. This way, a mathematical set of rules specifies the behavior of different data groups and influences the decision-making process at different levels of societal developments, private, business, national or international. Henceforth, the IT security, and the role of AI in that segment, becomes vital for the debate about decision-making and security in contemporary environment.
The aim of the project is to analyze main trends and challenges in a new digital domain for both countries and international organizations and institutions. In order to do that, it will bring together the representatives of state administration, private sector, international organizations, academic and diplomatic community and media.

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