Project duration: 3/2009-12/2011

Client:  Norwegian Royal Ministry of Foreign Aff airs, Geneva Centre for Democratic Control of Armed Forces

Team leader:  Sandro Knezović, PhD

The project’s main goal is to increase the capacity of the civil society in the Western Balkan region to effectively oversee security sector reform both at the national level, and through a cooperation network on the regional level. IMO is one of six regional partners. In the scope of the project three workshops were organized during 2010 on Security Sector Reform: Zagreb, organizer IMO, April 2010; Pristina, organizer KCSS, October 2010; Kolasin, organizer CEDEM, December 2010. Furthermore, the project team has prepared the following papers: Context Analysis Paper, General Transparency, Financial Transparency, Oversight of the Independent Bodies, Executive Control, Judicial Control.

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