Duration: 11/2017 – 4/2019

Client: WYG for the Ministry of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Crafts

Team leader: Jakša Puljiz, PhD

The Gourmet Croatia project will define the necessary strategic, institutional and legal framework which will facilitate the promotion of Croatia and its regions as an exciting, all-season gastronomic destination. As a tourist destination Croatia has all preconditions for becoming a prominent Mediterranean gourmet destination, but this certainly requires a closer cooperation between hotel managers, restaurant owners, private lessors and other subjects with local producers since today’s tourists are looking for authenticity and tradition of the destination, wishing to taste domestic products and autochthonous cuisine, which they should thus be offered. The main goal of the project is the branding of the Republic of Croatia as recognized gourmet destination, based on its territorial capital and regional specificities, its cultural heritage and tradition as well as the local production and services system.

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