Project duration: 06/2014 – 06/2018

Client: European Commission

Team leader: Andrew Jordan (UK), Ana-Maria Boromisa, PhD  (IRMO project team member)

Geared towards the development of innovation capabilities for the management of climate change, the project brings together researchers from 24 EU member states. It aims to identify sources of innovation in the implementation of climate change policies and the modes of their distribution. The four main goals of the project are to: 1) identify the innovation potential in the management of climate change, 2) strengthen the interdisciplinarity through the combination of different fields of research, 3) capacity building, and 4) formulate policy development recommendations. Four working groups have been formed accordingly: the first working group is focusing on the identification of innovation sources, the second one models, the third on the impacts of new policies, and the fourth one on the knowledge synthesis.

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