Project duration: 09/ 2003 – 05/ 2004

Client: Ministry of Public Works, Reconstruction and Construction

Origin of funding: World Bank

Partner: IMC Consultants

Description of project – Main objectives of the project:

    • to develop a more sophisticated profile of the ASSC than is available at present
    • to facilitate better targeting of war-affected and/or the most marginalised population
    • to identify priority geographic locations for project activities, define criteria for the eligibility of such areas for support and establish the basic outlines of specific interventions
    • to provide inputs for the overall CSERP design
    • to develop selection and evaluation criteria for each subcomponent of the project
    • to explain how to position the CSERP in the complex environment in Croatia and how it can be implemented in the multi-donor environment and numerous other Croatian government policy initiatives to ensure consistency with ongoing and other planned programmes
    • to assess the needs for capacity building and change in governmental and non-governmental institutions
    • to highlight key project interventions that can maximise sustainable economic and social impact.

Type of services provided

    • Consultancy services
    • Scientific research
    • Overall project design and management
    • Elaboration of three Assessments: Territorial, Socio-Economic and Institutional
    • Elaboration of the Final Integrated Assessment
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