Project duration: 11/2009 – 11/2010

Client: Ministry of Culture, City of Zagreb, City Offi ce for Education, Culture and sports

Team leader: Daniela Angelina Jelinčić, PhD

Culture, tourism, inter-culturalism” is the book resulting from the project “Identity and Interculturalism through Travel – Put pod noge,” which was published in the edition of IMO and the publishing house Meandarmedia. It is the book of three authors, which explores tourism as a platform for the promotion of intercultural dialogue and cultural diversity. The first chapter defines the concepts necessary for understanding the issues (monoculturalism, multiculturalism, interculturalism, transculturalism, pluriculturalism, cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue), placing them in geographical context. The next chapter introduces a view of cultural diversity on the basis of the fundamental documents of international organisations and activities, while the central place in the book belongs to the results of the above mentioned research. The final chapter observes cultural diversity with regard to the policies of the European Union and attempts to provide a vision for the future development of society and the need for a cultural, educational, scientific and tourism policy.

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