Project duration: 1/2007 – 12/2007

Client: National Park Krka

Sustainable development planning and implementation of natural resources.

The project development objective is that local residents, tourists and other visitors of National Park Krka refrain from practices identified as detrimental to biodiversity conservation and adopt recommended behaviour that preserves and protects the unique features of the environment. In support of this objective, the project integrates biodiversity conservation into physical planning and sectoral strategies, strengthens management of the protected area and promotes entrepreneurial and tourism activities which support sustainable natural resource use and conservation of the area.


    • Capacity building and institution building in nature protection
    • Socio-economic development analysis recommendations, development of pilot projects and implementation plan
    • Training needs assessment, recommendations for training and implementation of training programme for protected areas employees and policy decision-makers
    • Development of the management plan
    • Public participation strategy

Type of Services Provided

    • Analysis of legal framework and other existing plans,
    • Analysis of existing scientific research and proposal for necessary additional research in the Park’s area,
    • Analysis of the current condition of National Park «Krka» (SWOT analysis of existing resources),
    • Economic analysis of the current business management of the Public Institution «National Park Krka»,
    • Determining the vision and mission of National Park «Krka»,
    • Analysis of stakeholders of National Park «Krka» (institutions, economic subjects, NGOs, local population, etc.),
    • Consultation meetings with stakeholders and analysis of achieved results,
    • Questionnaire on visitors’ perception of National Park «Krka» and the level of their satisfaction with the offer, with analysis of data (questionnaire undertaken in cooperation with the staff of the Park).
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