grb zadra

Project duration: 25.10.2022. – 25.10.2023.

Client: City of Zadar

The coordinator of the project: Sanja Maleković, PhD

The main goals of the project are to contribute to the quality of the prepared Strategy by providing a reasoned assessment of the relevance, justification, consistency and coherence of the strategy. It is also about the key criteria for the preliminary evaluation of the strategic document, and the Strategy will also be viewed from the aspect of effectiveness and efficiency criteria to the extent that it is possible in the Strategy creation phase. At the same time, the project will try to contribute to the increase in understanding of the entire process of strategic planning and evaluation of the strategic document in the area that covers the urban area of Zadar.
The activities will include the evaluation of all key contributions to the creation of the Strategy – from the textual part of the Strategy and analysis of the situation, SWOT analysis, evaluation of the analysis of development needs and potential, evaluation of the strategic framework of the development of the urban agglomeration in the specified period – vision, strategic goals and implementation mechanisms/key areas interventions, assessments of the indicative financial plan, indicators, etc. In doing so, attention will be paid to the application of evaluation questions within the previously mentioned evaluation criteria, with special emphasis on the criterion of relevance, consistency and coherence/alignment of the strategy in order to ensure the necessary internal intervention logic of the strategic document.

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