Project duration: 01/2004 – 05/2004

Client: Fond for regional development Republic of Croatia, Zagreb

Origin of funding: Budget of Republic Croatia

Partner: Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, Zagreb

The purpose of the project was to contribute to improved financing of Croatia’s regional development in order to direct the financing to development projects of counties and local self-government units and to initiate the application of principles used in EU. The goal was to improve the process and procedures of financing the projects of counties and local self-government units, increase information flow, understanding, capabilities and motivation of stakeholders and project’s applicants for better preparation of regional development projects. Based on that, improve the use of existing and new possibilities for financing development projects from the Fund for Regional Development and from other national and international institutions.

Type of services provided

    • Design of the whole procedure process, application and evaluation of projects;
    • documents (complete forms) for application to funds of the Fund (municipalities, towns, communal companies, etc.);
    • instructions (manual) for application;
    • instructions for evaluation and scoring of project proposals;
    • trainings (3) with the material, for the staff of the Fund;
    • design workshop for project applicants and stakeholders, development of the material;
    • trainings (8) for project applicants and stakeholders (3509 from all 20 counties and the City of Zagreb.
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