Project duration: 09./2003 – 04./2005

Client: ECORYS, for beneficiary: Ministry of Sea, Transport, Tourism and Development

Origin of funding: CARDS 2002

Partners: ECORYS, the Institute of Economics and Economics Faculty, Split

The overall objective of the ex-ante evaluation was to improve the quality of the NSRD drafts by way of a structured and systematic appraisal. The Ex Ante evaluation in the formulation of NSRD, was implemented in line with EU standards and criteria for such evaluations. The evaluation is an integral part of forming the NSRD, bringing crucial value added and strengthening the final quality of the NSRD from the part of the scientific community senior experts.

The main outputs of the ex ante evaluation are four evaluation reports, one on each of the following envisaged NSRD phases:

    • Analysis
    • Priorities and objectives
    • Measures
    • Feasibility and Action Plan

The results of these outputs are the following:

    • a parallel and objective critique of the drafts of each NSRD phase
    • analysis, verification, structured and systematic appraisal of all key issues in all stages of the elaboration of the NSRD
    • assessment of the consistency of NSRD objectives and selected priorities
    • assessment regarding the coherence of the proposed objectives and priorities, in regard to Croatian overall national and regional development goals and prioritie


Type of services provided

    • Verification and proofing of statements in the NSRD
    • Assessment of the drafts corresponding to the four phases of the NSRD project
    • Criticizing, commenting and providing additional views and suggestions for the overall document
    • Recommendations for necessary changes and improvements, as well as for necessary additional inputs
    • Evaluation of all drafts by taking into consideration the consistency of objectives and coherence of priorities
    • Evaluation of indictors, reliability and relevance of proposed measures
    • Checking of proposed conclusions and sustainability of indicators
    • Reviewing of the scope of the proposed Action Plan
    • Assessment as to whether the specific goals and objectives are consistent with the expected results (evaluation of the internal coherence of the National Strategy for Regional Development and Action Plan
    • Evaluation of overall feasibility, financial feasibility and risk assessment
    • Comments and evaluation of proposed management, monitoring and implementation arrangements
    • Presentation of ex-ante evaluation results.
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