Project duration: 2010

Team leader: Višnja Samardžija, PhD

Project Partners: Supported by the Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Croatia; Sponsored by the Croatian Chamber of Economy and Croatian Bank for Reconstruction and Development; Research associates coming from the Faculty of Law at the University of Zagreb, Institute of Economics, Zagreb, Corvinus University of Budapest and University of Ljubljana

The project objective was to investigate and publish the analysis of the implementation of the Lisbon Strategy of the European Union and prospects for the continued implementation of reforms envisaged under the Lisbon Strategy in Europe 2020 as a new ten-year framework for the economic development of the European Union. The most important activities of the project were the organisation of a research conference and the publication of scientific book “From the Lisbon Strategy to Europe 2020” (editors Višnja Samardžija and Hrvoje Butković). The book that has been nationally and internationally reviewed includes a collection of analytical reports by the IMO and their international colleagues who deal with these issues. The topics include: the challenges of economic management of the EU, investment in science and research, energy security, sustainable development, strengthening European competitiveness, the reform model of social protection, social entrepreneurship and the development of competition policy. The book was published in printed and electronic form in English, and some parts were translated into Croatian.

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