Project duration: 03/2006 – 08/2007

Client: Ministry of Environmental Protection, Physical Planning and Construction (MEPPPC)

Origin of Funding: EVD Agency for International Business and Cooperation, Department for International Public Cooperation, The Netherlands

Partners: Ameco Environemtal services, OpbenKamp Adviesgroep

This project is to help Croatia implement this important part of EU legislation, by addressing these challenges on procedural levels as well as (and most importantly) through increasing capacities and knowledge at all relevant government levels for the implementation of the two Directives – on environmental information and on public participation.

Main Deliverables

    • Implementation plans for both directives developed and executed (Study tour to NL for the working group, including training on the EU directives; Development of communication/co-operation structure for implementation; Legal Gap analysis, including synthesis of exiting gap analysis information; Development of draft implementation plans for both directives; Support execution of the implementation)
    • Strengthened capacity for central, regional and local authorities to implement both directives (Institutional gap analysis; SWOT analysis of existing capacities of authorities; Development of a training programme on EU directives for national, regional and local; Development of suitable guidance material for relevant government authorities)
    • National awareness campaign for general public developed and implemented (Assessment of public information needs; Development of an awareness campaign; Execution of the awareness raising campaign; Development of a website)

Type of Services Provided

    • Project management – local team coordination
    • Technical assistance to the MEPPPC to design and develop implementation plans for two EU directives
    • Technical assistance to the County of Vukovar – Srijem to implement two EU directives
    • Capacity building and institutional development through specific training in the field of environmental management
    • Preparation of manuals for the implementation of two EU directives
    • Organisation of seminars/workshops, public campaign
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