Project duration: 2/2015 -12/2016

IRMO team leader: Ana-Maria Boromisa, PhD

Client: Ministry of science, education and sports of the Republic of Croatia and Ministry of education and science of Montenegro

The project Improving  competitiveness of Croatia and Montenegro by internationalisation of business – role of commercial diplomacy is launched within the science and technology cooperation programme between Croatia and Montenegro. Project will be implemented by IRMO and Economic faculty Podgorica.

Aim of the project is to identify potential for bilateral cooperation between Croatia and Montenegro in order to use the growth potential and attract investments in the region.

The research will cover two areas: the first relates to competitiveness and its enforcement, and the second to role of commercial diplomacy in internalisation of business.

Based on the analysis of the competitiveness in Croatia and Montenegro  the research will identify sectors with growth potential and perspective export markets.

In the second phase, areas for economic and commercial diplomacy cooperation will be identified including common interests on third markets and potential common activities focusing on export and foreign direct investment.

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