Project duration: 1/2007 – 1/2012

Client: Ministry of Science, Education and Sports of the Republic of Croatia

Head of the program: Ana-Maria Boromisa, PhD (2011-2012)

Head of the program: Mladen Staničić, PhD (2007-2011)

Within the scope of this programme the researchers analyse various aspects of international economic relations, the current political processes and the position of Croatia. The regional dimensions of Croatian economic and political position in the international community, Croatian strategic policy and relations with international integration, privatisation and post-privatisation aspects of the Croatian economic transformation, as well as the position of Croatia in international trade and financial relations are examined.
In the scope of this scientific programme the research has been conducted within four long-term projects funded by the MSES since 2007:

    • Economic Aspects of Security (Team leader: Sandro Knezović, PhD)
    • International Aspects of Competitiveness; Restructuring and Entrepreneurship (Team leader: Nevenka Čučković, PhD)
    • Lisbon Strategy – Reform Catalyst in the EU and Croatia (Team leader: Višnja Samardžija, PhD)
    • Management of Natural and Human Resources – Regional Development and Environmental Protection (Team leader: Sanja Tišma, PhD)
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