Project duration: 12/2006- 2/2008

Client: Ministry of Environmental Protection, Physical Planning and Construction and Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management

Origin of Funding: PHARE EU

Partners: COWI and IGHSustainable development planning and implementation of natural resources.

With this project, the Commission wants to launch training and capacity building aiming at the local administrations of 4 countries (Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia and Turkey) and with the focus on the integrated approach to urban environmental protection. 4 urban areas are selected in Croatia: Split, Zadar, Virovitica and Čakovec.

Goals: identify urban areas + secure commitment; assess administrative practise and capacities; develop a training programme; implement a training programme; recommend revisions to regulations; elaborate National dissemination strategies; organize multi country workshops.

Type of Services Provided

    • Project management – local coordination
    • Capacity building (Training needs analysis and development of training programme, implementation of training)
    • National dissemination strategies
    • Organisation of workshops, seminars, conferences
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