Project duration: 02/2013-05/2013

Client: European Commission, IPA IIIC Regional Competitiveness OP 2007-2013

Team leader: Ana-Maria Boromisa, PhD

The objective of the project is to create two different documents for the City of Kutjevo:

  1. Food Processing Sector Analysis Document; and
  2. Common Marketing Plan for Wine, Fruit and Honey Producers

These two documents are needed for the project “SMEs Development in Kutjevo Area – Kamenjača Business Zone” implemented by the City of Buzet and co-financed by IPA IIIC Programme. The Food Processing Sector Analysis Document will provide clear overview of the methods and mechanisms for planning sustainable development of the region and serve as the base for the development of the mechanisms for monitoring of necessary changes. Marketing plan will provide guidelines for successful business for the SMEs and leads them to a stronger position on the market.

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