Almanac 2012

Editors: Franziska Klopfer and Douglas Cantwell with Miroslav Hadžić and Sonja Stojanović

Authors: Besnik Baka, Andreja Bogdanovski, Emsad Dizdarević, Arjan Dyrmishi, Miroslav Hadžić,Denis Hadžović, Emir Kalač, Sandro Knezović, Zvonimir Mahečić, Gorana Odanović, Predrag Petrović, Đorđe Popović, Florian Qehaja, Mariola  Qesaraku, Rajko Radević, Jelena Radoman, Marko Savković, Sonja Stojanović, Mentor Vrajolli

Publishers: Belgrade Centre for Security Policy, DCAF

Year: 2012.

ISBN 978-86-83543-99-1

The Almanac is a key outcome of a three-year long regional research project “Civil Society Capacity Building to Map and Monitor Security System Reform in the Western Balkans 2009-2011” conducted by IMO researchers together with those of other six organizations from the regional consortium, supported by Geneva Centre for Democratic Control of Armed Forces (DCAF). The main focus of the project was to improve the capacity of civil society organizations in the Western Balkans region to effectively map and monitor security sector governance and to encourage security sector reform, both on the national level, and through a cooperation network on the regional level. Therefore, the publication provides an independent research-supported overview on the key achievements and weaknesses in the security sector reform of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia and addresses the issue of effects this has on the countries’ democratic transition. Moreover, since an unique component of the project was an attempt to develop and advance the methodology for mapping and monitoring security sector reform, a profound analysis of the Security Sector Reform Index has been introduced in the book. The study is based upon primary and secondary sources, whereas the mind findings have been verified in focus groups meetings organized by all of the project partners.



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