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Author: Anastasya Raditya Ležaić

Editors of IRMO aktualno: Ana-Maria Boromisa, Sanja Maleković, Jakša Puljiz, Sanja Tišma, Aleksandra Uzelac

Publisher: IRMO – Institute for Development and International Relations

Year: 2020

Anastasya Raditya Ležaić analyses circular economy in the newest publication of IRMO Aktualno series; including its role in fostering sustainable and resilient economic recovery after the COVID-19 crisis. The text analyses the sustainability checklist for economic recovery, which is the guidelines for creating measures and interventions for economic recovery that includes long-term impact on natural resources, resilience from future shocks, and decarbonisation toward sustainable development. An example is provided on how the European Union (EU) which launched a comprehensive package to combat the socio-economic consequences of the pandemic. The package combines the Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) and Next Generation EU (NGEU). 30% of the total budget of the MFF and NGEU will be used to finance projects related to climate change.

The author further analyses the concept of circular economy as a business opportunity. A transition toward circular economy would contribute reduce environmental pressures, improve security of supply of raw materials, increase competitiveness, foster innovations, strengthen economic growth and create jobs. In order to foster sustainable and resilient economic recovery after the crisis, in the end the author previews the preconditions for the application of circular economy.

This publication is only available in Croatian language.


IRMO aktualno 14 (Croatian)

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