Authors: Sandro Knezović and Nani Klepo

Publisher: IRMO and Hanns Sediel Foundation

Year: 2017

ISBN 978-953-95835-8-1

Institute for Development and International Relations, in cooperation  with the Zagreb Office of the Hanns Sediel Foundation, has conducted the project Croatian Foreign Policy in 3D, encompassing the research and the resulting study on Croatian foreign policy towards three regions – Central and Southeast Europe, as well as the Mediterranean. The aim of the project was to analyze Croatian presence in these three regions through political and economic relations, analyzing the current challenges and opportunities of Croatian foreign policy for future positioning in international relations.

The study “Croatian Foreign Policy in 3D”  represents a valuable document for Croatian foreign policy and policy makers, and is an important contribution to the much needed debate on this matter. The study has been presented at the roundtable, which gathered a significant number of representatives of state administration, international organizations, academia and also diplomatic representatives that analyzed study’s conclusions from different perspectives.

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