Hotel Sheraton, Street kneza Borne 2, Zagreb

8th of December 2017

The Institute for Development and International Relations and the Hanns Seidel Office in Zagreb have realized a joint project this year under the title of „Croatian Foreign Policy – 3 Dimensions“. The backbone of the project is the study to be presented at the round table.

The Croatian national identity has always been perceived as multilayered owing to the geographical diversity of the country. The fact that Croatia is located at the intersection of three major civilizational and cultural circles has contributed the complexity of the Croatian identity. The latest Strategic Plan of the Croatian Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs and several other national documents have focused on the definition of this threefold national identity. The main aim of the project and the study was to analyze the Croatian foreign policy and determine to what extent Croatia can claim its threefold identity based on its political and economic presence in three regions: in Central and in Southeastern Europe as well as in the Mediterranean.

The round table will present the main findings of this study and will analyze the Croatian foreign policy as well as the current challenges it faces in its contemporary international relations.

The working language is Croatian, simultaneously translated into English.

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