Members of the Horizon Europe consortium of the CresCine project Jaka Primorac, PhD, Aleksandra Uzelac, PhD and Sunčana Franić from the Department of Culture and Communications at IRMO participated in the Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event program as part of the Black Nights Film Festival (PÖFF) in Tallinn, Estonia from 13 until 17 November 2023.

Within the Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event program, the project was presented in several sessions: first through the “CresCine Presentation”, then through the “CresCine Theory and Evidence Training” workshop, and lastly during the session “From Greening to Skills and Beyond: Explore the State of Small European Film Markets with CresCine”. As part of the presentations, the first insights into the results of the nine months of work on the project were introduced, which included relevant data on film financing, the initial findings on greening and sustainability impacts, and data on the state of Europe’s industry skills and performance.

As a part of events in Tallinn, a meeting of the Steering Commitee was held, as well as the General Assembly of the CresCine consortium, where guidelines for further work on the project were agreed upon, future events were confirmed and new team members were introduced. The meetings were held at the University of Tallinn, as one of the partners in this interdisciplinary project.

For more information on previous events and on project activities, please visit the links below.

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