This year, the representatives of the CresCine consortium showcased the results of its research project, during the industry part of the Cannes Film Festival entitled Marché du Film. The aim of the Horizon Europe CresCine project is to increase the competitiveness of small European film markets through comprehensive industry insights, and IRMO is one of the partners on the project. Throughout the festival, CresCine organized several panels and workshops. In addition to presenting their findings, the goals included networking with industry professionals and discussing the future of European cinema. Jaka Primorac, PhD participated at this years’ Marché du Film, on behalf of the IRMO CresCine team.

At the workshop ‘Cannes Next: Meet the Global Film Financing Innovators and Funds’ held on May 18, the focus was on innovative financing solutions for independent productions. Insights were provided by industry leaders such as Miguel Faus (Calladita Films), Mike Musante (Decentralized Pictures), and Roosa Toivonen (Aurora Studios). The workshop attracted key actors interested in exploring unconventional financing methods.

The panel entitled Cannes Next: Discover Future Trends and Power Players of Film and Content Financing’ held on May 19 brought a discussion on the resurgence of film financing following recent industry upheavals, featuring prominent experts such as Elisa Alvares (Jacaranda Consultants) and Louis Ladreyt (Logical Content Ventures). Participants gained valuable knowledge of new trends and effective budgeting strategies.

The central event of the CresCine project at this year’s Cannes was undoubtedly participation at ‘Cannes Next: Industry Insights Day’, held on May 20, where CresCine presented its first report, the State of European Film 2024, along with the interactive Small Markets Insights Report. This session, moderated by Sten-Kristian Saluveer, offered a detailed overview of the performance of European films on global platforms, audience preferences, and the competitive landscape of small markets. Distinguished speakers included Fatih Abay (European Film Academy) and Jakob Isak Nielsen (Aarhus University). The interactive report can be found on the CresCine website.

The last of the CresCine events at this year’s Marché du Film was ‘The Near Future Retreat Closed Think Tank’ held on May 20, which focused on the future of independence in the film industry, skill development, and sustainability. This collaborative event included discussions and encouraged an open dialogue about the evolving needs of the industry.

In addition to workshops and panels, the CresCine project organized a networking cocktail event, providing participants with the opportunity to establish new connections and discuss potential collaborations. The festival proved to be a fertile ground for exchanging ideas and visions for the future of European cinema.

For more information on CresCine’s activities and research, visit CresCine at Cannes 2024.

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