In the special edition of the newsletter, CresCine offers insight into how small markets sustain their film industries based on its recently published interactive report Small Film Markets: Portraits and Comparisons. The CresCine newsletter is published as part of the Horizon Europe project Increasing the International Competitiveness of the Film Industry in Small European Markets which consist of 26 partners in the consortium, with IRMO being one of them, bringing together experts from the scientific sector and the film industry.

In the latest CresCine newsletter, you can explore the challenges faced by the film industries in seven CresCine ecosystems: Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Flanders (Belgium), Ireland, Lithuania, and Portugal. It also provides a comparative analysis of these markets, focusing on key areas such as production, funding, distribution, exhibition, and reception. Additionally, it explores the main avenues small film markets pursue to sustain their film industries. In the newsletter, you can also find out more about academics and industry partners that made the report. The full report is available on the CresCine project website, and a portrait of the Croatian film industry in Croatian is available in PDF format here.

You can access the entire newsletter at the following link, and learn more about the project at

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