On Wednesday, 21st of June 2017, the Institute for Development and International Relations and the Office of Hanns Seidel Foundation in Zagreb are organizing a round table „Challenges to Foreign Policy – Active Membership“ which will be held in Hotel Westin, Izidora Kršnjavog 1, Zagreb.
Institute for Development and International Relations and Hanns Seidel Foundation are contributing to the debate on contemporary international environment and other related relevant topics through joint activities. This time, the topic of round table are the challenges of Croatian foreign policy, in particular the challenge of active membership in the EU and NATO, whose key component is regional cooperation and the maintenance of stability in the Southeast Europe.
The round table discussion “Challenges to Foreign Policy” will bring together representatives of the diplomatic and academic community, state administration, nongovernmental and international organizations with the aim to develop constructive debate and to reach relevant conclusions and recommendations.
The working languages are Croatian and English with translation.

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