“The Science and Art of Food Experience”, a new book by Dr. Daniela Angelina Jelinčić from the Department of Culture and Communications, IRMO has been published by ‘Jesenski and Turk’ publishing house. This popular science book explains the principles of experience design by involving all five senses. It is based on the experience economy techniques as a modern approach to gastronomy, culture and tourism audience development while achieving psychological satisfaction of consumers. The experience design principles are, therefore, presented through the case study of food, and the “tools” used are often inherent in art and culture. Thus, for example, color, shape, symmetry, melody, rhythm, tonality, scale, harmony, etc., all the “tools” used in the experiential consumption of food, will have a strong influence on the perceived consumption experience. Scientific findings about the experience design and the brain reactions to those cultural and artistic “tools” are therefore a guide for the application of some tricks in practice. This provides a clear understanding of the experience design process as well as the cause-and-effect relationship between individual visual, auditory, tactile, olfactory and gustatory stimuli with the reactions of consumers. The same principles are applicable not only in the experience of food, i.e. in gastronomy, but also in other fields.

To obtain the book (in Croatian only), click here: https://www.superknjizara.hr/hr/znanost-i-umjetnost-dozivljaja-hrane-2023-daniela-angelina-jelincic

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