IRMO is a partner in the consortium of 26 institutions that will jointly work on a three-year (2023-2026) project entitled ‘Increasing the international competitiveness of the film industry in small European markets’ (CRESCINE). This Horizon Europe scientific-research project (Research and Innovation Action – RIA), coordinated by Lusófona University in Portugal, brings together the academic community and the film industry. It is oriented to direct cooperation with the film community and towards making policy recommendations in order to improve the work of the European film industry. CRESCINE aims to, through its research and other activities, contribute to increasing the competitiveness of the film industry across small countries in Europe, improve the international circulation of films and audio-visual content coming from small markets in Europe, thus contributing to cultural diversity. This will be achieved by building understanding about small markets in Europe, engaging with them, empowering them and ultimately transforming them. This will be done through research and piloting in 7 countries (Belgium (Flanders), Croatia, Estonia, Lithuania, Denmark, Ireland and Portugal). Detailed information on the mission and aims of the project as well as on the included organisations is available here.

Kick-off meeting of the project was held from 21-24th of March 2023 at the Lusófona University where the Steering Committee was established and the General Assembly of the project was held.

Preliminary presentation of the project was made at this years’ Berlinale festival (more information about the event can be found here) while the official presentation of the project to the European film community will be held during the Festival du Cannes at the Main Stage of the Marché du Film on the 22nd of May 2023 at 11:30h.

More information can be found at the project website:

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