Representatives of the project ‘Increasing the international competitiveness of the film industry in small European markets’ (CresCine) participated in the 74th Berlin Film Festival (Berlinale) industry programme, which took place from February 15-25, 2024. Dr Jaka Primorac, as a representative of IRMO as a project partner in the CresCine consortium took part in the project activities at the Berlinale.

During the festival, a report on sustainability and green practices in the film industry was presented, the ‘CresCine Producers Club’ was inaugurated as an educational program that will gather producers from the seven countries participating in the project, and a workshop was held on the comparative analysis of audio-visual systems and public policies in small countries. As part of the European Film Market (EFM), a presentation of the project’s preliminary results was held to members of the European film community. On the panel moderated by Dr Sten-Kristian Saaluver, prof. Manuel Damasio, as a head of the consortium led by the University of Lusofona, presented the main goals  and activities that were carried out in the first year of the project. Prof. Jakob Isak Nielsen from Aarhus University presented the main features of industries in small countries and their challenges for competitiveness in the global and European markets. Prof. Ivana Kostovska from the Vrije Universiteet Brussels (SMIT-VUB) presented the export possibilities of small countries in the global market, highlighting their position in the so-called markets of ‘the big five’ (UK, Spain, Germany, Italy, France), also including Poland. Prof.Cathrin Helen Bengesser from Aarhus University presented the key takeaways from the audience research, showing the interest of audiences for domestic content but also the lack of marketing and its discoverability. Fatih Abay from the European Film Academy (EFA) presented the results of the first survey on skills in the film sector, which indicated a great need but also a lack of skills training programs at the European level. At the end of the panel, Prof. Ulrike Rohn from the University of Tallinn pointed out that the CresCine project wants to be close to the film industry so it can provide it with relevant results. She encouraged members of the film community to join the CresCine Producers Club, to follow project activities and to engage in further dialogue with the CresCine researchers.


More about the presentation of project results can be found on the EFM website while more about the project can be found at

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