Project duration: 08/2015 – 12/2016

Client: The Regional Development Agency of the Dubrovnik-Neretva County DUNEA

Team leader: Mario Polić

The project was implemented according to the methodology of the Ministry of Regional Development and EU Funds and covers the analysis of the state of development in Istria County, vision, strategic goals, priorities, measures and elaboration of measures for projects and implementation mechanisms as well as a survey of the County’s strategic development projects for the period till 2020. Participative approach was used in the elaboration of the strategy through participation of the Partnership Council in all stages of elaboration. The project determined directions and guidelines of the future development of Dubrovnik Neretva County and the framework for concrete development projects necessary for achievement of the desired changes and realization of the set development goals. The Strategy elaborated by this project is the basis for decision makers in Istria County and local self-government to prepare and select development projects as well as to apply for financing from the EU funds and other financial sources.

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