Project duration: 09./2010. – 05./2011.

Team leader: Jakša Puljiz, PhD

Overall objective:
To elaborate an integral and overall development plan for each of the mentioned counties according to Ordinance on the content, methodology for elaboration of County development strategies and their evaluation (OJ 53/2010) and in line with Cohesion policy approach to programming.

Other objectives:

    • To establish and build partnership of all key development actors/stakeholders from the private and public sector as well as civil society. By including all these actors, the aim was to raise awareness and knowledge among them related to the importance of such a stressed participatory approach in the process of elaboration and implementation of the CDSs – as well as to include them in a methodologically systematic way in the very process of their elaboration.
    • Learning, i.e. capacity building for managing development, including raising of capabilities for analysing the situation and development trends of the counties, for strategic development and defining of priorities. This process is to be followed in the implementation phase of the CDS-s, i.e. county development strategies.
    •  To create for the first time an integral and transparent data base related to most relevant regional development projects/plans/initiatives in the related counties.

The main elements of the elaborated CDSs are:

    • Basic analysis (analysis of current situation and trends, problems and needs of the counties)
    • SWOT analysis (analyses of strengths, weaknesses, possibilities and threats)
    • Vision , strategic objectives and priorities (sub-objectives)
    • Development measures
    •  Implementation framework (financial plan, institutional framework, action plan, project selection criteria, communication plan)
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