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Project duration: 10/2010 – 12/2010

Client: Osijek-Baranja County

Team leader: Jakša Puljiz, PhD

The goal of the project was to conduct the ex-ante evaluation of the Development strategy of Osijek-Baranja County in accordance with the provisions of the Ordinance on mandatory content, methodology development and evaluation methods of county strategies (OG 53/2010). The purpose of the ex-ante evaluation of CDS of Osijek-Baranja County was to improve the final quality of the CDS, to benefit the key acters of development policy in the County in its more efficient and more effective implementation. Through the implementation of ex-ante evaluation the value was added to the original draft of the County Development Strategy, in order to, among others, give a structured and practical contribution to the final formulation and drafting of the final version. Moreover, a reasonable assessment of the overall argument that is based on the CDS was provided and the strategy was evaluated in terms of the basic criteria of ex-ante evaluation: relevance, consistency, coherence and internal logic.

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