Project duration: 2019- 2023

Client Ministry of Science and Education

The coordinator of the project: Jakša Puljiz, PhD

The project follows the research direction “International frameworks of economic development and cooperation” and the thematic priority “European Union as a framework for economic development and regional cooperation” defined in the IRMO Development Strategy 2017–2022.

As part of the project section, a scientific book related to the effects of Croatia’s membership in the European Union on public policies was prepared and submitted for publication, which also deals with the issue of Croatia’s participation in the European Semester, i.e. the impact of the European Semester on the fiscal policy of the Republic of Croatia. The scientific work related to the planning of structural reforms based on indicators is in the final phase and is planned to apply for publication in 2024. As part of the project’s section dealing with industrial relations in co-authorship, a scientific article on Euroscepticism in Croatia was published in the journal On-line Journal Modelling the New Europe, which is represented in the SCOPUS database. The second scientific article within this section is in the final phase of drafting. Thearticle analyzes the development of representative democracy in Croatia and is prepared for publication in a special issue of the journal Frontiers in Political Science, which is represented in the SCOPUS and WoS databases. For the proceedings of the international scientific conference Migration at the Edge of Europe, published by the Institute for Migration and Ethnic Studies from Zagreb, an article on work through online platforms in Croatia was accepted. Within the project section dealing with industrial relations, two professional papers were published or are in the process of being published, and a larger number of guest appearances in the media were made.

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