Project duration: 7/2016. – 10/2016.

Client:  LAG Neretva, Opuzen

Team leader: Marijo Polić

Methodological instructions of the Ministry of Agriculture were used in the elaboration of the project. A strategic development plan was made through partnership approach including all development specificities in the LAG Neretva, which are in accordance with the rural development policy and Rural Development program of the Republic of Croatia 2014-2020. The strategy defines development framework, guidelines and determinants of the rural development, goals, priorities, measures and provides operating background for their implementation, for successful and efficient use of financial sources from EU funds and other sources. The project strengthens participation of the public in local development in the area of the LAG Neretva on the basis of CLLD and partnership i.e. inclusion of relevant stakeholders, economy representatives, local government and civil society in the process of elaboration and implementation of the strategy and promotion of local initiatives.

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