Project duration: 9/2010 – 03/2011

Client: London School of Economics, Great Britain

Team leader: Sanja Maleković, PhD

The project represents the first such study in Croatia, which includes an analysis of the condition and the research of anticipated future trends in the countries of Southeast Europe. The research results are a comparative analysis of economic and social factors of the process of decentralisation and regional development, analyzing their impact on reducing regional disparities. The starting point of the project is that there are 2 key development trends that are a visible consequence of the spatial distribution of economic and social resources, precisely decentralisation and regionalisation. These are also currently two strategically important development issues for Croatia, especially considering the very considerable regional disparities in Croatia, and a strong need for decentralisation of management. The study, which will be completed in 2011, will result in the proposal for the additional improvement of regional policies and the policy of decentralisation in Croatia and selected countries.

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