Project duration: 03/2009 –11/2010

Client: Ministry of Culture, Zagreb

Team leader: Marijo Polić

The Strategy of Conservation, Protection and Sustainable Economic Use of the Cultural Heritage of the Republic of Croatia for the Period 2010-2015 describes the current situation in the fi eld of cultural heritage in Croati a and provides an assessment of the situation, detects problems, determines the vision, goals and measures for implementation activities. There are also proposed guidelines for its implementation. The project was implemented within the Ministry of Culture, which is responsible for the protection and conservation of cultural heritage. The results of the project are: the developed strategy for conservation and economic use of cultural heritage of the Republic of Croatia with proposals for the action plan (this is the fi rst such comprehensive strategic document for the cultural heritage resource development in line with the protection of cultural heritage and regional development and economic development as a whole, as well as with EU and other international institutions). Furthermore, the results are also enhanced knowledge and skills of experts in the Ministry of Culture and experts from other organisations dealing with cultural heritage, strategic planning, programming and preparation of projects on the economic use of cultural heritage, as well as achieved higher level of understanding and commitment to sustainable development and organised program of activities which will improve understanding, better information and support of stakeholders, experts and wider public to preserve and economically exploit the cultural heritage of Croatia.

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