Project duration: 4/2016 – 1/2017

Client: Ministry of Regional Development and EU Funds

Team leader: Sanja Maleković, PhD

The main aim of the project was to improve quality of the Strategy through providing timely and relevant bases to the coordinator of its elaboration in defining priorities of the policy of regional development, decision making on the strategic planning level and determining new interventions. The project team primarily focused on insuring that the Strategy in the most efficient way creates key prerequisites in order to make it possible for this strategic planning document of the Ministry of Regional Development and EU Funds to contribute the all-round development of the Republic of Croatia by creating necessary prerequisites that will enable the increase of competitiveness of all regions/areas in Croatia, create basis to reduce the emphasized social and economic development inequalities between different areas of the republic of Croatia and to establish a framework for coordinated (national, regional and local) territorial initiatives aiming at improvement of economic and social development in Croatia on regional and local levels.

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