Project duration: 07/2012- 02/2013

Client: European Commission, IPA Adriatic CBC Programme 2007-2013

Team leader: Sanja Tišma, PhD

The main objective of the project: The initiative of the AHVN project – Adriatic Health and Vitality Network (from Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Montenegro) – a joint project that encourages specific types of tourism – especially sustainable medical tourism within the partnerships region is through the cooperation and exchange of experiences and best practices to focus on raising the value of tourism to a higher level of connectivity within a network of medical tourism, alternative health tourism, spa and wellness tourism and active “lifestyle” tourism. Specific objectives of the AHVN project are to encourage high quality tourism products offering integrated local and regional cultural and natural heritage, to link healthy eating, good accommodation, recreational activities, health and wellness services and authentic culture in a unique travel experience networked through the Adriatic region, to improve the tourism offer of the hinterland and extend the tourist season, thus reducing the pressure on coastal tourism in the high season, and to instruct, i.e. network medical tourism service providers from the partner regions to provide tourism services of high and good quality.
The project is composed of two causally connected stages and the activities and tasks will be in order as described in the timetable of activities.
STAGE ONE (A): The creation of the Study on the Potential of Health Tourism for the City of Buzet area (Stage duration: 19.7 2012 – 5.10.2012.)
STAGE TWO (B): The creation of the Marketing Strategy and Action plan for the development of health tourism for the City of Buzet area (Stage duration: 5.10.2012 – 5.2.2013.)

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