Project duration: 03/2004 – 03/2006

Client: Ministry of Science, Education and Sports, Friedrich Ebert Foundation

Origin of funding: Ministry of Science, Education and Sports, Friedrich Ebert Foundation

Partner: Neumann Management Consultants, Vienna

The project is designed to implement the intensive analysis of the current situation and to develop concrete recommendations for the Government of the Republic of Croatia with the goal to increase the efficiency of state administration using international experience, knowledge and skills.

Activities are conducted through two simultaneous processes:

    • analysis and recommendations for human resources management in the public administration reform
    • analysis and recommendations for organisational structure and management (outline of business processes review and reengineering, functional analysis)

Project objectives:

    • develop the methodological framework for analysis of human resources and organizational structure in the Croatian state administration on the central and county level
    • set the ideas for delivery systems at the level of decentralised state administration institutions and a horizontal review of key cross-governmental management functions (human resource management, budget management, legislative planning, European Integration management)

Type of services provided

    • Overall project design and management
    • Provision of high level technical expertise
    • Development of a methodological framework for the organizational structures and human resource management in the Croatian state administration
    • Several reviews of the organizational structure and human resource management of the public administration
    • Overall training needs assessment for public servants
    • Dissemination of the project results by way of several specialised workshops
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